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Pension Gartner - Irene Bauer-Gartner | Bahnstraße 98 | 7151 Wallern | Tel: +43(0)699/17199473 oder +43(0)2174/2220 | urlaub@pensiongartner.at

Handicap-friendly Furnishings

  • The entire area is without barriers
  • Main entrance without stairs
  • Accessible for emergency ambulance services
  • elevator
  • Solidly paved parking spaces in front and behind the building
  • Guests with limited mobility may park in the yard close to the guest rooms
  • Wheelchair accessible tables at the restaurant
  • The hallways are 150 cm and more wide
  • Barrier-free access to the restaurant
  • International cuisine - large breakfast buffet.  
  • Large guest rooms
  • Door width 90 cm
  • Linens for people with allergies upon request


  • The width of the entrance door is more than 90 cm
  • The floor space dimensions are 110x140cm or more

The conference room is reached barrier-free:

  • Handicap-friendly toilets (height 50 cm), door width 90 cm, free area in front of the toilet of 100 - 190cm
  • wheelchair accessible tables
  • Beamer/video screens, flipchart, and overhead projector
  • Can be portioned into two conference rooms

Restaurant/ Breakfast Room/Lounge

  • All rooms can be reached without steps and barrier-free
  • Tables are wheelchair accessible
  • The furnishings are variable (throughways etc.)
  • The hallways are wider than 150 cm
  • There are clearly marked signs
  • Lighting is bright but not blinding
  • Menus in large print
  • We are happy to discuss your special diet needs!


  • 29 guest rooms in the three-star category, 12 of which are equipped for people with disabilities, 11 of which are wheelchair accessible
  • The rooms are full of contrast with color-coordinated fabrics
  • The entire facility is wheelchair accessible
  • 11 wheelchair accessible rooms acc. to the Austrian standard
  • Beds are accessible on the side and tables in the room are also wheelchair accessible
  • The height of the beds is to the edge of the bed 40 cm, incl. mattress 50 cm
  • Entrances are  > 90 cm
  • Hallways are > 150 cm
  • Written information material in the rooms
  • Accessible showers with handrails acc. to the Austrian standard
  • Shower chairs and shower stools
  • Toilets and bathrooms acc. to the Austrian standard/handrails
  • Height of the toilet is 49 cm
  • Handrails at the toilet are in part mounted on the right, in part on the left hand side
  • Non-blinding lighting

Accessing the front door and the entrance itself:

  • Access is without steps
  • We have handrails
  • The entrance door is a revolving door without complete glazing. The door is wider than 90 cm and can be manually opened toward the outside;
  • Lighting is bright, but not blinding
  • We have clearly marked signs
  • Night bell


  • Our parking lot is paved and level 
  • The parking lot is less than 20 meters from the entrance
  • The walk to the entrance is level and barrier-free
  • The parking area is horizontal (however, the parking spaces are not handicapped-marked)
  • Guests with disabilities may park in our yard on firm, level surface!

Additional aids upon request:

  • Shower chairs in various versions
  • Bed linens for people with allergies

You may bring your seeing-eye dog! Please keep your pets on a leash throughout our property!

Please contact us. We are happy to answer any additional questions!

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